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Where can I find emergency services in Portland and Oregon?

Council for Prostitution Alternatives (CPA)

The mission of CPA is to support women and children affected by the sex industry to find safer, healthier life paths by exploring alternatives in a safe and supportive structure. Their services include: case management, emergency services, educational and peer support groups.

For more information, phone 503-282-1082 or email:

Are there any specialized medical care facilities in Portland?

Oregon Stroke Center

Oregon Stroke Center offers a clinical stroke team that is available 24 hours a day to respond to acute stroke emergencies. The team consists of a neurologist specializing in strokes, and a clinical stroke study nurse, who service four area hospitals: Providence St. Vincent Hospital, Providence Portland Hospital, Portland VA Medical Center, and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).

3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road
(503) 494-7225

Oregon Stroke Center

Where can I find emergency services in Portland and Oregon?

Lola Greene Baldwin Foundation for Recovery

The mission of Lola Greene Baldwin Foundation for Recovery is to help people escape prostitution, survive, and recover from its long-term effects. They also provide education about the effects of prostitution on those used in it, and its effects on the larger community. Their services include crisis intervention, case management, legal advocacy, community education programs. Drop-in center is open to people of any age, gender, sexual orientation, whether currently prostituting, or prostituted in the past. They have male and female staff, as well as survivor and nonsurvivor staff.

Lola Greene Baldwin Foundation for Recovery

For more information, you can write to: P.O. Box 42393 Portland, OR USA 97242, phone 503-236-7244, or email:

Where can I find emergency services in Portland and Oregon?

American Red Cross

Give blood. Donate money. Volunteer time. Please do whatever you can to help; no matter in which city you live. Thank you.
American Red Cross

Oregon Chapters:

    Eastern Oregon Chapter, Baker City
    Hood River Chapter, Hood River
    Klamath Lake Chapter, Klamath Falls
    Lane County Chapter, Eugene
    Mid-Valley Chapter, Albany
    Oregon Trail Chapter, Portland
    Rogue Valley Chapter, Medford
    Willamette Chapter, Salem

Where can I find out about genealogy information?

Multnomah County Library

The Multnomah County Library is situated in a recently refurbished architectural gem of a building. The genealogy collection on the third floor contains treasures for the curious genealogist. Do you need a fast fact? Call their Reference Line at (503) 988-5234, or use Ask Us! Online, the library's online question-and-answer service.

Multnomah County Library

How do I make an emergency phone call?

Making an Emergency Call

If you need to make an emergency call, please:

1. Be clear as to what kind of assistance is needed: fire, police, medical

2. Stay on the phone and answer all questions

3. Give the specific location where help is needed

4. Stay calm, and speak clearly

5. Follow the directions of the call taker and if you know basic first aid and CPR, you can help by providing emergency assistance until professional help arrives

What is the incidence of infectious diseases in Oregon?

Infectious Disease Rate

Since 1990, Oregon has reduced the incidence of infectious diseases from 93 to 22 cases per 100,000 people.


Are there any specialized medical care facilities in Portland?

Oregon Health & Science University (OSHU)

In 1867, the first formal medical program began at Willamette University in Salem. Now located in Portland, OHSU is a one-of-a-kind institution in Oregon that educates health professionals and biomedical researchers in a variety of fields, and undertakes the functions of patient care, community service, and biomedical research.

3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Rd.
(503) 494-8311


Where can I find info about Portland´s utility offices?

NW Natural Gas

Since 1859, NW Natural has provided reliable, cost-effective natural gas to more than 500,000 residential and business customers throughout Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

NW Natural

What phone number can I call in case of emergency?


9-1-1 is the emergency number to dial on your phone when you need immediate assistance for Fire, Police, and/or Medical. An "emergency call" is a call to a fire or police department, or for emergency medical aid or ambulance service, when property or human life is in jeopardy and the prompt summoning of aid is essential.

Where can I find information on higher education in Portland?

Portland State University

Portland State University (PSU) is Oregon's nationally recognized urban university, located in the heart of the state's economic and cultural center. They offer over 100 undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees, as well as graduate certificates and continuing education programs.

Portland State University

Where can I find the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles?

Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles

Oregon DMV manuals, driver licensing, vehicle registration and titling, are available in field offices located throughout the state. However, not all offices offer all services. Offices are divided into four categories: DMV Express Offices, Regular Service Field Offices, CDL Drive Test Offices, and Dealer Processing Centers. DMV Headquarters is based in Salem.

Department of Motor Vehicles

What is the rate of infant mortality in Oregon?

Infant Mortality

Oregon was second, only to Alaska, in the greatest improvement of the rate of infant mortality, declining from 10 deaths per 1,000 live births in 1990, to six in 2001.


Where can I find emergency services in Portland and Oregon?

Oregon Suicide & Crisis Hotlines

If you are in Suicidal Crisis, Emotional Crisis, or Family Crisis - don't hesitate to call. Here's a list of numbers in Oregon, listed by city and county:
Oregon Suicide & Crisis Hotlines

Also, National Hope Line Network
1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-784-2433
Toll-Free in the U.S. / 24 hours / 7 days

Where can I find info about Portland´s utility offices?

Portland General Electric - PGE

Portland's electric company offers useful energy tips, billing and payment options, as well a power status report. If you'll be relocating to Portland, you'll also find links for starting a business or residential service.

PGE Headquarters - World Trade Center
121 SW Salmon Street


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