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What is the Old Town District?

Old Town and Chinatown Districts

Consisting of the streets between West Burnside and Union Station closest to the Willamette River, the Old Town District has some recent improvements to enhance its historic appeal, but more work is needed. Chinatown has a variety of restaurants with a genuinely Asian clientele and the twin lions at the entrance on Fourth Avenue are well known landmarks.

What is the West Hills District?

West Hills District

The West Hills District (the hills to the west of downtown) contain homes belonging to many of the city's more affluent and elite citizens. Some of Portland's most notable points of interest are found here, including the International Rose Test Gardens, the Japanese Garden, Oregon Zoo, and World Forestry Center.

What is the Laurelhurst District?

Laurelhurst District

Laurelhurst is a residential district of East Portland, developed in the early part of the 20th century.

Where is the world´s largest bookstore?

World's Largest Bookstore

Powell's Books takes up an entire city block, more than 68,000 square feet of shelves, and holds a computerized inventory of over one million titles (new, used, rare, autographed, and out-of-print) – the largest used and new book selection under one roof in the world. While you`re there, be sure to sign up for their free newsletter - you could win $100!

Powell's Books

What is the Sellwood District?

Sellwood District

The Sellwood District is somewhat isolated from the rest of the city, located along with the Westmoreland District between McLoughlin Blvd (Highway 99E) and the Willamette river. This area has become known for its collection of antique stores. The Sellwood Bridge connects Sellwood with the west side of the river.

What is the Pearl District?

Pearl District

The district north of Powell's City of Books and the brewery is known as the Pearl District. Rundown warehouses have been transformed and the area is now a haven for artists and writers, art galleries and antique stores.

Does it rain every day in Oregon?

How Many Inches of Rain?

Although some people swear it rains all the time in Oregon, it really doesn't. On the coastal mountain range, the average rainfall in certain areas is 120 plus inches (with a high of 216") and in the eastern part of the state, 6-8 inches of annual rainfall is normal.

Map of Oregon Annual Rainfall

How long is Portland´s rainy season?

Annual Rainfall

Eighty-eight percent of Portland's annual rainfall occurs between October and May.

What time zone is Portland, Oregon in?

Time Zone

Portland, Oregon goes by Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

PST Pacific Standard Time, as UTC-8 hours
PDT Pacific Daylight Saving Time, as UTC-7 hours

PDT started on Sunday April 1, 2001 at 2:00:00 AM local standard time
PDT ends on Sunday October 28, 2001 at 2:00:00 AM local daylight time

*UTC - Coordinated Universal Time

What is Mt. Tabor and where is it located?

Southeast Portland - Mt. Tabor

Named for the 600-foot high extinct volcano that is its landmark, Mt. Tabor has sweeping city and mountain views with a close proximity to downtown (15 minutes by car heading straight West). It features a mix of modest older homes and stately mansions, and includes a public park. Mt. Tabor is the only volcano within a major city in the United States.
Mt. Tabor Neighborhood

Is there somewhere online I can share my Portland experiences?

Portland Stories

Portland Stories is just one of several sites at The Cities Story Project developed by Derek Powazek; a network of city-based storytelling sites. He describes the content of each site as "halfway between a personal journal and a travel book...when you tell the stories of your life, and the city itself becomes a key character." According to Stephen Voss (Portland Stories), one of the main requirements is that your non-fiction story be set in Portland; whether something happened to you yesterday or you have fond memories of years gone by.

Contribute to Portland Stories

What is the typical growing season for Oregon?

Typical Growing Season

The typical Oregon growing season lasts from April through the end of October. The last three weeks of October often run the risk of early fall rainstorms.

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