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Is there a price rating guide for restaurants on Portland-tips?

Price Rating Guide

Restaurants listed on this site are rated based on an approximate meal price per person excluding wine, beer and/or dessert.

$ = Inexpensive (up to $10)
$$ = Moderate (from $11 to $20)
$$$ = Expensive ($21 to $35)
$$$$ = Luxury ($36 and up)

Are there any vegetarian restaurants in Portland?

Vita Cafe (Vegetarian)

$ - Vita Cafe offers an array of vegetarian-style comfort foods from around the world. All of their breads, sauces, and desserts are dairy- and egg-free and most of the ingredients used are local and organic. They also serve two choices of burgers: vegan boca burger or burgers made with free-range, hormone-free beef.

3024 NE Alberta Street
(503) 335-8233

Vita Cafe

Are there any fast food take-out restaurants in Oregon?

Papa Murphy's Take 'N Bake Pizza

Recently named 2001 Pizza Chain of the Year, Papa Murphy's stores are located throughout Oregon including 15 in Portland. Check out the site for printable coupons, store locator, and a fun page for kids.

Papa Murphy's Take 'N Bake Pizza

Can I submit a restaurant review to Portland-tips?

Write a Restaurant Review

If you have a favorite restaurant in the Portland area, why not share it with others? Along with your review, please include the name, address and phone number of the establishment, type of food served, and the average price for a meal. Reviews can be 250-1000 words in length, and may be edited for grammar and punctuation. A synopsis of the review may also be used in the Eating Establishment category of Portland-tips where you will be listed as the source. Your name and personal website URL (optional) will be posted with your review.

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Are there any American cuisine restaurants in Portland?

Jake's Famous Crawfish (Seafood)

$$ - Jake's Famous Crawfish Restaurant was established in Portland, Oregon in 1892, and it remains a Northwest tradition as it continues to expand (under the name of McCormick and Schmick's) to become one of America's best-known restaurants. Jake's fresh seafood menu has a list of over 30 items ranging from spearfish and prawn brochettes with habanero barbecue sauce to stuffed prawns with Jamaican spices. A selection of Oregon wines is also available.

Are there any ethnic or specialty restaurants in Portland?

Genoa (Italian)

$$$$ - The first thing you'll notice at the award-winning Genoa, is there is no printed menu for their seven-course meal. As dinner begins, your waiter will describe the evening's three choices of entrees. Then after the antipasto, you will be served the remaining courses: soup, pasta, fish or salad, the entree, dessert, and fruit. Reservations are required, and although there is no dress code, many gentlemen wear jackets and ties.

2832 SE Belmont Street
(503) 238-1464


Are there any ethnic or specialty restaurants in Portland?

Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant (Moroccan)

$$ - Enjoy traditional dishes from Morocco, a town in the northwestern corner of Africa, in an atmosphere adorned with richly-textured Moroccan rugs, ornate silver urns, and tapestries. Live belly-dancing on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

1201 NW 21st Avenue
(503) 248-9442

Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant

Are there any American cuisine restaurants in Portland?

Tony Roma's (American)

$$ - "One weekend back in the '70's, Chef David Smith and Tony Roma decided to throw some baby backs on the grill. It was only going to be a temporary thing, using Chef David's own secret barbeque recipe." The rest, as they say, is history. My favorite flame-grilled menu item? Bountiful Beef Ribs!

4 Locations in the Portland Area:
718 N.E. Martin Luther King Boulevard
9905 S.E. Stark (Mall 205)
10555 S.W. Canyon Road (Beaverton)
4708 N.E. Thurston Way (Vancouver, WA)

Tony Roma's

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