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Who are the Portland Trail Blazers?

Basketball - Portland Trail Blazers

Blazermania is alive and well in Portland! This is the Official Site of the Portland Trail Blazers where you can meet the players, check out this year's NBA schedule, get the latest news on the team, and reminisce with highlights of their 1977 Championship Season. Blazer home games are played in the Rose Quarter.

Portland Trail Blazers

Are there any sports arenas or stadiums in Portland?

PGE Park

Home of the Portland Beavers and Portland Timbers
PGE Park is the first outdoor sports facility in the nation to receive a “green” certification from any organization by meeting the energy efficiency, environmental, and resource use standards. The park just completed a 38.5 million dollar renovation project to make it an affordable, safe and fun place for families, fans, and children of all ages.

1844 SW Morrison
(503) 553-5400
PGE Park Events Line
Recorded event info

PGE Park

Are there any sports arenas or stadiums in Portland?


The combined venues of the Portland Memorial Coliseum and the Rose Garden make up the RoseQuarter. Here, you'll find event schedules, ticket information, seating, answers to frequently asked questions, and a photo gallery of recent summer activities.


When will the Olympic Torch be carried through Oregon cities?

Olympic Torch Relay

On January 22, 2002, the Olympic torch will be carried through these cities: Klamath Falls, Eugene, Salem, Tualatin, Durham, Tigard, and Portland. The torch will pass through 46 states and travel more than 13,500 miles, before it arrives in Salt Lake City on February 8, 2002.

Olympic Torch Relay Schedule

Does Portland have a professional basketball team?

1977 NBA Championship

The Portland Trail Blazers won the NBA Championship in 1977.

What is the Memorial Coliseum?

Memorial Coliseum

The Portland Memorial Coliseum opened in November 1960 as a flexible, multi-purpose venue hosting such events as concerts, rodeos, circuses, ice shows, and trade shows. In its forty-year history, the coliseum has also been called home by several Portland franchises including the Buckeroos (Old Western Hockey League), the Winter Hawks (hockey), and the Trail Blazers (basketball). It is described as a smaller, more simple version of the Rose Garden.

Memorial Coliseum

Who are the Portland Beavers?

Baseball - Portland Beavers

Official homepage of the Portland Beavers where you can find out about their schedule of games, team roster and stats, and yes, even Beaver merchandise.

~Pacific Coast League~
86th Year Since 1903

Portland Beavers

Are there any college football teams in Oregon?

University of Oregon (Ducks) - Football

Coming in during pre-season at #7 in the AP polls and #8 in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll, UO has a promising season in 2001. Will we see a possible Ducks-Beavers match-up to determine a Pac-10 title and a trip to the National Championship at the Rose Bowl?

University of Oregon Football

Are there any college football teams in Oregon?

Oregon State University (Beavers) - Football

As the 2001 season opens, OSU ranks #12 in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll, #11 in the Associated Press Top-25, and, if you can believe it… #1 in Sports Illustrated!

Oregon State University Football

Who are the Portland Timbers?

Soccer - Portland Timbers

Official homepage of the Portland Timbers where you can find out about their schedule of games, team roster and stats, and yes, even Timbers merchandise.

~ A-League Soccer Team ~

Portland Timbers

Are there any sports arenas or stadiums in Portland?

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is a flexible, multi-purpose facility hosting a variety of events including NBA, WNBA, and college basketball, professional hockey, indoor track & field, gymnastics, major concerts, monster truck rallies, rodeo and bull riding, circuses, ice shows, boxing, and convention and trade shows.


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