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Are there any shopping malls in Portland?

Washington Square

At Washington Square, you'll find five major department stores and more than 140 specialty shops. Free parking for more than 6500 cars is available, although there is a convenient transit service by several TRI-MET bus lines. Open every day.

Washington Square Shopping Center
9585 SW Washington Square Road

Are there any shopping malls in Portland?

Clackamas Town Center

Clackamas Town Center offers four major department stores including Nordstrom, Sears, Meier & Frank, and JCPenney and features 185 other specialty stores, including Build-A-Bear Workshop. Also, the first Saturday of each month is reserved for kids ages 6-12 for "Clubhouse" - an interactive program with hands-on activites families.

Clackamas Town Center
I-205 and Sunnyside Road

Clackamas Town Center

Are there any discount or thrift stores for affordable shopping?

Goodwill Superstore

AOL Travel recently chose Portland, Oregon, as one of its Top 10 Affordable Escapes. And the Editor's Pick for bargain shopping at Outlets, Discount and Thrift Stores? Why, it's the Goodwill Superstore! You'll find your favorite designer brands including Liz, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Hilfiger, Land's End, Old Navy, and more, all under one roof! The best part can purchase them at only a fraction of the original cost (sometimes with the tags still on!)

1943 SE 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Find a store near you! Goodwill Retail Stores

Are there any specialty shops or stores in Portland?

Made in Oregon

If it's "Made, Caught or Grown" in Oregon, Made in Oregon is committed to promoting the state's highest quality products. This chain of ten stores represents items from more than 2000 different Oregon businesses, trades people, and artists. Online ordering available or you can request a catalog (a fee is charged for international requests).

Made in Oregon

Are there any shopping malls in Portland?

Jantzen Beach

This shopping center has a variety of major stores and is located on the site of the former Jantzen Beach Amusement Park. Shoppers can also see, and ride, a historic 1921 carousel with 72 horses, located in the mall's food court.

Jantzen Beach Shopping Center
1405 Jantzen Beach Center

Are there any shopping malls in Portland?

Mall 205

A community shopping center off Interstate 205 in east Portland, Mall 205 features Emporium, Montgomery Ward, and Payless stores plus over 80 specialty shops and services.

Mall 205
9900 SE Washington Street

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