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Are there any unusual modes of transportation available in Portland?

Metro Helicopters

See Portland's city lights at night from the air as you take off from downtown, circle the city, and land back at the heliport. Special dinner flights are available, and include a choice of restaurants. Seats three passengers.

Metro Helicopters

What is MAX?


MAX is Tri-Met's light rail system serving the Portland metropolitan area by connecting neighborhoods with major employment centers, shopping, and entertainment facilities.

What is the Port of Portland?

Port of Portland - PDX

Portland International Airport

What is Tri-Met?

Public Transit Service - Tri-Met

Since its early beginnings in 1872, when the system consisted of horse and mule drawn trolleys, Portland's public transit has continued to grow and flourish. In addition to MAX, the 33-mile light rail line, Tri-Met also operates 101 bus routes with service for seniors and people with disabilities.

Are there any unusual modes of transportation available in Portland?

Delta Queen Steamboat Co.

Originally built as a gambling ship, the "Columbia Queen" was converted to a period piece passenger riverboat at a Portland shipyard. She now offers an eight-night cruise along the Willamette, Columbia and Snake Rivers, with excursions and an overnight hotel stay.

Columbia Queen Voyage

Where does Oregon rate in deaths per 100 million miles driven?

Motor Vehicle Deaths

Oregon showed the greatest decline in the number of motor vehicle deaths per 100 million miles driven in a state by state comparison. Its rate dropped from three deaths per 100 million miles driven in 1990 to one death per 100 million miles driven in 2001.


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